2gb ram vs 4gb ram mac mini

Can I upgrade my RAM?

Yes, it is advisable to use RAM sticks by the same manufacturer, of the same size, and of the same frequency. Like we said earlier, RAM has several components that all come together to make it perform well. For two RAM sticks to perform optimally together, they need to use the same voltage and their respective controllers should play well with each other and the motherboard.

For example, if your first stick is 4GB, you can still add a new 8GB stick.

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Once you switch on dual channel mode also called flex mode , it will perform as two 4GB sticks running side by side in optimal performance. The remaining 4GB of the new stick will run in single channel mode. Your RAM sticks will work together at the frequency of the lower stick, by default. Your RAM may not run at the advertised speed. There's a fix, but it causes additional issues. Read More so that all the sticks work at their best.

This is the most frustrating and persistent myth about how memory works. In fact, your operating system and your software should be using up every little bit of RAM available. Freeing up RAM with one of those booster programs does nothing. RAM auto-adjusts itself. In a nutshell, having free space on your hard drive is a good thing, but having free space on your RAM is a bad thing. You may suffer from a memory leak or shortage. We show you how to troubleshoot all your Windows Despite how important it is, RAM has plenty of confusion surrounding it.

A relatively simple command line tweak allows you to patch your system and take advantage of up to 64GB of RAM. You might not know why and maybe you're trying to fix it in all the wrong ways. Let us help you with tips for a real speed boost. Things are not as simple on smartphones though.

But at the end of the day, do you really need it? How much RAM does your phone have?

Mac Memory

How about your PC? Did you notice a big speed boost last time you upgraded?

Let us know your thoughts below! Explore more about: Debunking Myths , Hardware Tips. Your email address will not be published. It doesn't bottleneck at all. In my conclusion, 4gb is more than enough for regular user. Yes, and in the future we will be saying the same thing about 4GB. However, this isn't the future or the past. This is the present, and at the present 4GB is enough. It's not the future, it is the present.

Where do you and K2k get the chutzpah to decree what is or is not enough?! Ram speed doesn't make much of a difference for the vast majority of platforms and applications. You should look up the benchmarks before making your recommendations. Windows and associated processes can take up to 4gb of RAM. Setting up your pagefile can help, but honestly running any nonbit system with less than 16gb will work, but limit the OS and applications. Anyone who uses any internet browser will see definitive benefits from having a minimum of 8gb, but a drastic increase in system performance from doubling that to 16gb.

Max out each slot, with the highest speed natively supported, and you'll have the best it can be without overclocking, or using XMP settings. You say to increase to 8GB or more the computer must run Or do I install the ram first and then try to install Mountain Lion?

Hello Leah, you need to install You may then install the 8GB of memory. Now web content is crashing. Running Pls advise. I would first recommend checking the websites that are crashing from another device, if they are using Flash content make sure you have the latest adobe flash installed.

If all software is up to date I recommend trying to clean the memory module. Take a clean pencil eraser and gently rub it along the metal contacts on the memory and follow that by using a microfiber towel along with rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts on the memory, this should insure that the memory is getting a solid contact with the computer. Lastly if the issue is still unresolved, I recommend running an application called Rember.

Once you have it downloaded please run a 3 pass test. This application will let us know if any issues are present on the memory modules. When I put 16gb in, the computer just starts beeping at me when I try to turn it on. EFI is MB I have an mbp macbookpro6,2 2. I was hoping to upgrade from 4mb to 16mb ram. It looks like I am limited to 8. Could I add an ssd for performance along with an upgrade to 8mb? Just trying to squeeze some more life out of this much loved machine. Please feel free to contact our customer support team if you have further questions.

That is perfectly safe. The OS version listed in the requirements is the minimum you need for the update to work. Once you run that update you will be able to use 16GB. Hello, I have the right MBP 7,1 2. B0B Instead of MB B0E I am running Maverick B0E on I have Macbook Pro 7. Will 2 8GB work for me? B03 and runs OS X Unfortunately it only works when using only one of the memory modules both work fine, as always with you guys.

This is not my first hardware upgrade from you, and it always worked perfectly. When I put back my old memory modules 2x2GB , it works fine again. There are a couple things to try that will likely fix this. Great advice! I was hoping just to replace the memory with the upgraded 16GB and then switch on.

Can I upgrade my RAM?

Also, do you deliver to Denmark? Yes, you do need to install the latest EFI firmware update for your system — follow the links in the article to make sure yours is up to date. We do ship worldwide , including Denmark.

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My machine fits the listed requirements BUT my hard drive is partitioned. Am I still good to go sweet? My firmware is up to date. I just need it to run without issue and for the Mavericks partition to use all This was a really interesting question that we had to test specifically for. We have found that With the firmware updated and booted into If you ever need to reinstall Once the install is complete you can reinstall the second 8gb module.

How much RAM does a laptop need?

Has testing been done with Mavericks OS X Also, has this been tested with Windows 7 running in bootcamp? No issues have been encountered or reported with our memory in upgrading to Mavericks, and yes, the memory is available to Windows via bootcamp as well. I received the pair of rams today and installed it on my mid macbook running on mavericks.

How to know if your laptop has a slot for more RAM

Boots normally, but it has twice restarted by itself! I am getting slightly concerned and not very confident in doing my work especially when it comes to saving documents! It works like a champ. I am really happy with it. Thanks guys. Sure, while the memory is used most efficiently when there are equal amounts in each slot, our testing has shown that more memory always trumps matched capacity.

Did you guys test the bit What happens when you use the Does it only see 8G?

Does it fail to boot entirely? My computer was crashing and beeping on a regular basis and It took me a while to locate the issue. Now I have just one 4gb block in the top slot and everything is running fine. Would it work? This is a great question that is commonly asked. We always recommend to have matched pairs of memory installed in your computer when possible. Having a single 8gb module installed, while normally not recommended, will be fine for your computer.

I apologize for the confusion, I misread your computer as a MacBook Pro not a I sent my request; I hope someone at Apple helps us. It will help to confirm my high opinion of this company. Do you think that Apple could limit the maximum memory capability to 8GB in the future? Maybe limiting it by an EFI update. Once an EFI firmware update provides usage of additional memory in any given system, it is completely useable. Subsequent updates have never reverted compatibility.

The Apple MacBook — Mid 2. The correct memory is linked to in this comment. All OWC Brand memory is designed to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and is backed by industry-leading lifetime advanced replacement warranty.

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  5. The Apple 2. Additionally OS X Please let us know if you find something in your top-secret labs. Will it be utilize? It certainly should utilize the memory. We did some testing using Windows and Bootcamp and there is no reason to believe that running windows through a virtualization program should be any different. Have you done any other testing to see how 16gb works with Bootcamp MBPs?

    I run Windows 8 quite a bit, and was wondering. I just need confirmation that this will not work, or is currently un-tested. Many thanks to OWC for the info. I keep a If I install We tried that in our testing and while the memory will still all show in system profiler, it does require Have you done any official tests? Yes — still limited to 8GB Max. No change here and not very likely will change unfortunately.

    I hate to have to get rid of mine so quickly after buying it, but I find I really need 16GB to run the virtualization environments I need these days. How bizarre! I wonder if Apple are aware that they only did one model? It was less one model and more related to the common chipset these all share in common. Likely was either the goodwill of an engineer that enabled this quietly or, and just as likely, a required change to support a change in how a function in new OS, etc operated had this unintended benefit.

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