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IBackup, however, is perfectly usable as a personal backup service, and everyone will find its iOS and Android mobile apps handy. In order to enable Time Machine backup using your IBackup account, simply open the Mac desktop client, go to Settings, and ensure Time Machine backup is selected.

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Get iBackup. Cloudberry Explorer is freeware software with a premium Pro version available that allows you manage and backup files to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Openstack accounts. Cloudberry also offers a fully hosted subscription service using your choice of these cloud SaaS providers. This requires a little more configuration than with the above two services, but clear instructions are available on the website. Get Cloudberry.

Backup Drive for Mac

DollyDrive is a cloud backup service designed from the ground-up for macOS. It does all the usual stuff you would expect from such a service, and it has an iOS app for accessing and managing your files from anywhere.

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More unusually, DollyDrive offers a feature snappily named DollyClone which creates a complete backup of your entire system. Just like Time Machine does, except this backup is saved to the cloud. You can, of course, use DollyClone alongside Time Machine itself to also backup all your data locally. Get DollyDrive.

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There is no iCloud support, however. As the name suggests, this provides a real-time backup of your data by syncing it to the cloud of your choice.

And because it supports syncing from external hard drives and NAS drives, you can use it to automatically backup all data from your Time Machine drive. Get Transmit. You can never have too many copies of your vital data, and Time Machine provides a very high level of protection against disaster by backing up everything on your Mac.

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And that brings a great deal of peace of mind. Looking for Something? My solution was to get a Time Capsule from Apple.

The complete, easy guide to backing up your Mac | Macworld

When used at home, it will backup your MacBook Pro and any other Mac computer on your local network without having to do a thing. All of it is done in the background. I currently use a Drobo 5N2 for automated Time Machine Backups and as a private and redundant cloud drive. Unfortunately, relying on one backup is not the best backup plan.

Especially if you lose your computer in a house fire, which happens to be the same location as your Time Capsule or Drobo. For that reason and others , I use a couple cloud computing services as backups. Just like Time Capsule or Drobo with Time Machine, these services can be set up to run automatically in the background.

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The two cloud computing services I use are Backblaze and Dropbox. Like Time Machine, Backblaze automates the backup of your hard drive, or the folders you specify, and saves them securely in the cloud. The price is incredibly cheap.

Best Way to Backup Your MacBook and iMac
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