Computer only works in safe mode mac

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First, you need to understand what happens when your Mac uses Safe Mode: Safe mode shuts down all third party kexts drivers and start up programs. It also stops sound from working.

That tells us since your MacBook Pro works in safe mode, that there is likely a third party program or driver that is causing the problem. You need to play detective and find it. You'll need to click on the small lock and enter your password first. You mentioned liquid damage Also, if you are running any kind of Mac cleanup software or anti-virus software, uninstall it as it's not needed. Let us know how you're getting along with this. Hi, thanks for the welcome That doesn't make much sense as I've re installed Mac like 3 times.

I hope it's not something big I haven't spilled anything on it but I did buy it online so I'm wondering if somebody else did. Buying a used computer on line has its risks. What this will do is clean out the glitchy or compromised file in the old user, your files that you know are good are returned. Mar 21, The folders within the shared folder are only "Library" and "Adobe". I dont see Itunes or any other folder. I went into the user folder. Clicked on the old, profile and every folder has red circles and it says I dont have permission to see whats inside the folders.

The reason for the "Shared Folder" is to exchange files between user accounts as they can't access each others files. You should copy your old user files to a external device regular storage drive, not TimeMachine, then disconnect in addition to the new user via the Shared Folder, before you delete the old user. Because you need to make triple sure you DON'T permanently remove your old user files when you delete the old user account.

Can't boot in normal mode, only in safe mode

If you log into the old user, copy your files to the external drive, you'll have permissions to view those files, so check that way and with the behavior you did with copying to the Shared folder is the same. Now in the new user, you transferred the old user files, they have different permissions settings of the old user naturally so that's why you can't see the files.

Your next step once you have a copy of the old user files on the external drive and in the Shared Folder, is to log into the new user and delete the old user account, reboot, then recreate the old user account with the same name, then log into it and transfer the old user account files into the new user account with the old name.

Next you need to click the spoke wheel and Apply to enclosed items Jan 14, 8: MacBook Pro only works in safe mode and freezes in normal mode. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Jerelle Jerelle. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

MacBook Pro will only start in 'safe' mode, why is this?

Uninstall MacKeeper using the directions at the link. Maintain a Internet connection stay where you are , write down your AppleID and password 4: Note this will replace OS X with a fresh copy, not touch your files or most third party programs 5: Reboot the machine normally and use Software Update to get current if it's not already, check 6: Install Flash and Silverlight from fresh sources.

Install Perian for other codecs for Quicktime http: I have a MacBook Pro that will start normally with the chime and Apple logo. I also get the gear wheel underneath but then that screen just goes to a blank grey screen and nothing further happens.

Mac always booting into Safe Mode? Here are ways to troubleshoot it | Macworld

I tried to reinstall using a retail Snow Leopard from DVD but starting up using the 'C' key ends up with the same result. Yet again the machine displays the same behaviour. The only way this machine will boot is in 'safe' mode starting while holding down 'Shift' Once it had booted I used Disk Utility to repair Permissions and noted that it appeared to repair lots of files relating to the display.

I removed the Kingston and tried just with the Samsung - no change. I swapped out the chips - no change.

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I have again tried to boot from another installer DVD - this time 'Snow Leopard' and I just cannot get the machine to complete start up. It's work for me check this link https: Using Disk Utility from the drive you are trying to repair does not work very well. Use you other machine and a firewire cable to start in Target Mode, here's how: I would then use Disk Utility from the iMac to repair the disk and permissions.

Fixit How to boot mac os x into safe boot or safe mode

This failing, use Target Mode to reformat the drive use the "write zeros option , this will map out any bad blocks that may have developed. Now you should know if the drive is any good.

computer only works in safe mode mac Computer only works in safe mode mac
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computer only works in safe mode mac Computer only works in safe mode mac
computer only works in safe mode mac Computer only works in safe mode mac
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