Mac fights gay marriage review ign

Mac fights gay marriage review ign free

Dwight maintains that its absence from the history books is an example of re-writing history, whereas Oscar maintains that the battle is a fictitious creation. After tracking down a historian, Dwight and Oscar learn that the Battle of Schrute Farms did in fact take place. However, the "battle" was really a code term. During the Civil War, Schrute Farms was a safe haven for artists and poets and, as heavily implied, homosexuals.

Oscar finds this fascinating, whereas Dwight leaves in disgust. Meanwhile, Gabe Lewis Zach Woods is sidetracked by another tour group who assume that he is an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. He acquiesces and delivers an improvised but applauded performance. Meanwhile, at the office, half of the office opts to stay behind. However, the office fails to impress Robert with their ideas.

Mac fights gay marriage review ign

Kevin Malone Brian Baumgartner details an idea he has about cookie placement in the vending machine, but Robert gets the impression that he is extremely clever and is speaking only in metaphors. Ryan Howard B. Novak , who has been annoyed the entire day with Kevin being creative and Robert rejecting his ideas, later tricks Kevin into explaining an idea he has involving the Big Mac , and Robert realizes that there was no subtext to Kevin's ideas. The episode was written by story editor Robert Padnick , his second writing credit for the series after joining the writing staff the previous season.

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Club reviewer Myles McNutt noted that the writers' used Andy's "overeager qualities" to have the office group skip the official tour, allowing for "some random California heritage site" to stand in for the real Gettysburg. Notable cut scenes include Andy preparing the office to go to Gettysburg, and Kevin discussing his newfound approval by California.

Everyone's jealous that Kevin's become his favorite. The episode marked a three percent decrease in the ratings from the previous episode, " Pam's Replacement ". Hollywood writer Hannah Lawrence was heavily critical of the episode and wrote, "This episode seemed like a joke to me. I really didn't like it. He concluded that although " The Office is still capable of finding humor in Not all reviews were negative.

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IGN writer Cindy White awarded the episode 7 out of 10, signifying a "good" episode. However, she heavily criticized the recycling of story lines, writing, "It may have been heartwarming in the premiere, but now it feels repetitive, and it's still not funny.

Giant of Television Without Pity gave the episode a "B—". That isn't to say every character has been fleshed out well.

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Andy and California seem off point. The episode's opening, featuring Pam Halpert Fischer faking her water breaking , received mixed reviews. White called the sequence her "favorite part" and felt an empathetic connection to the character.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lindsey Broad as Cathy Simms. News Corporation. Retrieved September 3, Apple Inc. The Office. Season 7. Episode February 10, Season 8. Episode 8. November 17, In the usual tradition of Sunny , it's confronting a topical issue but through the twisted, moronic lens of its characters' brains. Mac accuses Carmen and her husband of being gay-married, but if anyone's gay, the husband points out, it's Mac, who was banging Carmen pre-op.

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  • Poor Mac obviously isn't even mad — he's just confused and sad that Carmen never called him after the reassignment surgery. Talk of marriage stirs something deep within Dennis' cold, lonely soul, and he gets in touch with his high school sweetheart Maureen Ponderosa to rekindle their love. Even though she has a dead tooth and her breath smells like "she was nibbling on little pieces of shit," when Dennis sets his mind to something, he's going to see it through, dammit, so he ups and marries her.

    The girl playing Maureen was agreeably pretty and hilariously depressed at the same time, because her dad committed suicide in the Datsun she used to make out with Dennis in. Regarding the Subway and Dennis' "sit-down breakfast" plans, it looks like Sunny is gonna keep up with the product placement this year.

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    Oh well, I suppose this is all part of the contemporary landscape of television. Our third marriage plot comes with Charlie and Frank plotting a domestic partnership, because their traditional health-care remedies whacking each other with a two-by-four to distract from their back pain seem to be failing them of late. As genius a plot idea as this is, I'm hoping they do a little more with it in the next episode, because Frank's fretting about who gets to be the woman in the relationship felt a little too pedestrian a gag for Sunny to be making.

    Charlie's extreme nonchalance about the whole arrangement was a lot better. Dee's affair with the tubby Bill Ponderosa was nothing much I'm pretty sure that at this point in shooting, Kaitlin Olson was pregnant, since they're resorting to all the usual TV tricks to hide her tummy but it did let Olson break out some trademark facial expressions in her gag-reflexing. I'm surprised at how perturbed I was by this Sunny episode without a conclusion, and really, the show just sort of drifted off in the final minutes.

    Dennis' last scene, with the mounting realization that Maureen is going to be clingy now that he's married to her, was funny, but in a low-key sort of way that I'm just not used to from a Sunny episode's closing seconds. But "Mac Fights Gay Marriage," even with the show's shocking switch to HD film, felt very consistent with the quality of the show last season, so I'm a happy camper.

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    Nice to see you all again! Charlie's pile of "alley almonds" was a great side-gag. Mac was all pumped up and full of protein because he and Charlie found a pile of nuts! Another pile-of-thing gag: Frank's box of pennies. The subsequent back-cracking scene was pretty pointless but pretty funny. Charlie likes the big pile of domestic partner papers. Sure, he's making a mockery of the institution as well, but shouldn't he have the same right to make the same mockery?

    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
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    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign
    mac fights gay marriage review ign Mac fights gay marriage review ign

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