Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review

Best MAC foundation - Every single one tested on half a face

I love how easy it is to work with this foundation and the way it just blends in perfectly. It gives your skin a luminous glow, evening out your skin tone and smoothening minor imperfections.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

It does not accentuate pores, streaks or gets cakey; rather, it stays on perfectly all day long! This formula contains customizable pigments that adjust to your skin tone in a flawless matte finish with medium buildable coverage. It helps reduce shine on the face and absorbs excess oil. It also provides perfect color purity without looking chalky or ashy. Comes with SPF 15 and broad spectrum protection. It comes in 12 different shades. The Matchmaster indeed adapts to your skin and evens it out. It can be worn in any weather condition. The coverage is medium to buildable, and the texture is just the right amount of creamy.

It does not settle into fine lines rather it blurs them out and helps minimize their appearance. Overall, this is a great foundation with SPF 15 if you are looking for something long-lasting. This is a silky, mineral-rich powder foundation that brushes on to deliver medium buildable coverage and a natural look. It helps your skin achieve a smooth, dimensional finish with exceptional luminosity and a velvet-soft finish.

This is available in 9 shades. The thing about this foundation is that it is perfect for people with already flawless skin. It helps control oil. You can use this with a makeup sponge or a brush, and it blends in quite easily. But if you are someone who stresses upon coverage — this is not meant for you.

Their products are just that efficient and high-quality. Do you have a favorite foundation?

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Do share your feedback in the comments section below and tell us why! Spread some makeup love. They stay on for long durations without wearing out or giving you a cakey effect. They are also available in a wide range of shades to choose from. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

If you want to avoid a full face of liquid makeup, these are great options to choose from. They give you the most flawless base to look your best on your big day. They even out your skin tone, hide all imperfections and stay on for long hours. It actually depends on factors like using the exact shade for your skin, its application and how it sets in.

If your neck is much darker than your face, the artist will find a shade that lies between the two so that it blends more seamlessly. To be absolutely sure that it was right for me and so I could see how it would look when worn, he applied NC37 all over my face with a stippling brush. Should my concealer be the same as my foundation shade? Ryan says that because concealers are used to cancel discolorations like dark circles and pimple marks, you have to use a concealer shade that will make the area blend better with the rest of your skin. He neutralized the bluish tones of my under eye area with an NW30 cream concealer that was lighter and pinker than my skin to give it a brightening effect.

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For my acne, he applied a slightly lighter NC35 concealer because the marks looked dark. It was really fun finding out my MAC foundation shade, and the experience is just worlds away from going to a department store stall and having to figure out what shade would suit me amid poorly-managed testers and unflattering store lights. The MAC store had well-lit mirrors, clean brushes, and a knowledgeable professional to help me out!

You can also find out what your MAC shade is simply by going to any of their stores and requesting for a free consultation.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 Review

If you want to get actual makeup lessons though, they offer paid classes wherein the fee is consumable with MAC products. Sounds like a great deal! Have you found your MAC foundation shade? Which formulation is your favorite? Share your own MAC-matching experience in the comments! I have seen MAC makeup artists using this foundation for fashion shows and it gives such a beautiful natural effect—okay application gets all the credit but they always use this foundation.

Thanks for the review. I am all the more convinced :. To everybody :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: One small error she made…. I agree with monica…Does MAC offer small free samples…coz their products are like an investment which should be made after guud amount of trying various samples and selecting wisely…. How do you girls apply foundation? I bought this in shade NC42, as the MA advised..

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Somehow it looks all orangey n dark on me.. I guess I shud go bak and exchange it for an NC Great coverage anyway! Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. Heeeey Sanjeev post the pics na…want to see her in sari : :. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review
mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review
mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review
mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review
mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review
mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review Mac studio sculpt foundation nc37 review

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