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Well new firmware is now available for the Arabic version of e71,So those whose keyboard is changed can now update it to its old self. I had a problem with my Nokia E I bought from Pakistan. But the shopkeeper gave me Brazilian set. And the battery is also week.

My phone code is And nokia site says, latest firmware is Please inform what to do. Can anybody please confirm whether Urdu keyboard is working correctly in firmware I went to Nokia care centre in Islamabad. They had only firmware I want to upgrade to but afraid of losing Urdu keyboard. COM ——. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Quickly gain the confidence to enjoy social interactions such as greetings and introductions, travel, dining out, giving and getting directions, shopping and other recreational activities.

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Music and videos Music. Organise your day Calendar. Maps Find places and get directions. Download and update maps. Use location services. I have connection setup, I can see single bytes transmitted according to connection counters but no real transition of any data : One post suggesting building special configuration file for one of the program with especially stressed option to define MTU to bytes, gives me an idea what could be wrong. So I have changed my access point MTU from to and… surprise!

E71 starts to transmit data again.

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It looks that one of installed application plays with E71 networking parameter MTU and has changed it during installation maybe application defaults? BUT does not change it back during uninstall : Probably reset to factory setting would help but I have tried to avoid this. I just bought an e71 because they were so successful and I figured that meant it would be simple. So far, that is not what I am finding.

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Bill I have the exact same problem now on the E Your email address will not be published. Was driving me insane.

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Make sure you make a backup beforehand with your software and your phone is fully charged. If it works, then it must be a router issue. Try connecting again. Then edit your network, and under Options , go to Advanced Settings. Put in your static IP address. This was the culprit that caused me 3 days of anguish and misery.

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