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If anyone has any suggestions, or has an HP correctly configured to an iMac Mountain Lion, I'd appeciate your help. I'm having the same problem. Apple support can't help me, so I thought I'd come to the experts. I'm running OS My LaserJet is still in great shape. I can't connect it directly to my Macbook Pro because.. I have a cable which I bought to allow my PC Laptop to print from USB to the old fat Parallel Port; and when I use that to connect my Macbook Pro to the LJ it does at least recognize it by name--but does not ever complete the setup process, and when I try to manually configure it on the Macbook the setting which seemed to help the most was selecting RAM disk it appears to work, i.

I see a display on the printer which seems to be acknowledging data being sent, but then it just stops. The Macbook printer queue dialog shows the printer going from a green 'ready' state to a yellow 'busy' state.. The printer display still remains 'Ready'. Hope this isn't too much of a brain dump.. Anything useful here in troubleshooting this problem? I just dropped a couple hundred bucks on a brand new cartridge for this beast.

I don't want to get another printer. We can try to download the driver through Apple Software Update. Try the following steps and see if they work for you. The first set of steps may not apply, depending on if you have any HP printer software installed or not. After you do that, we will want to download the drivers. The drivers for your product are available through Apple Software Update. Before you do anything, temporarily unplug the printer's USB cord from either the printer or the computer. Once you have completed the installation you will want to plug your printer back in.

To add the printer, click the plus sign. You should see your printer listed here. Select it and click Add down in the bottom right hand corner. What brand is this cable converter? You could try a direct connection and bypass the router as a test. Another alternative to avoid purchased a separate adaptor cable is with the router, please make sure that Bonjour mDNS is supported with that router. You may need to turn on that protocol with the router admin tool.

Please let us know if any of the above works or not and we will continue to troubleshoot if need be. Same results unfortunately. Followed download, removal and install directions as you proposed. Make sure that postscript language is listed, not just PCL. Thanks for the idea.. No luck. The good news is that there are no 'Errors'. The bad is that it seems that the big issue is that the printer is not recognized as even being a device on the network.

I've tried Generic Postscript driver, too.. No communication whatsoever. Will post results of conversation here when complete. You'll like this: RocketFish technical support suggested that I go to YouTube and search for solution by their product number and my Macbook Pro or Printer. I did find videos of cats on laptops, but no solutions there. No connection was ever made.

The clock just spun and spun. Didn't find what you were looking for? I will go digging for them. They worked fine with tivo's version of Linux without adding drivers. After talking to dalepl yesterday, I went in and deleted the folder I had created with the linux drivers in it and restarted the Thrive. Initially i was unable to get internet access no wifi within 20 miles.

I then unplugged the dongle, re-booted the Thrive and once system was up and stable, plugged the connected dongle back into the USB port and The wifi icon still indicates "no internet connection" , but you do have access via the USB-Ethernet dongle. As was stated earlier, there are probably several dongles that will work. The one from Radio Shack that I mentioned to ttmoo is probably the most easily obtained since Radio Shack is relatively ubiquitous in brick and mortar, and accessible through the web.

Sorry I created so much confusion with the driver boondoggle, but it looks like we all learned something in the process I know I did! See earlier posts for links to dongles that have proven reliable for me. Thanks again to dalepl and ttmoo for their patience and investigative prowess! No problem. I am always learning. Good to have a different way to connect for those that cannot use WiFi for one reason or other. This thread was extremely interesting to watch.

It is an excellent example of the cooperation and enginuity that is a signature feature of this forum. Plus it made a great soap opera, will deleting the drivers kill the connection? Will anyone's dongle work?

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Sent from my AT using Tapatalk. I plugged in the usb-eth dongle to see what, if anything, would happen. Nothing happened. Wi-Fi is still priority, not surprising. After refreshing just one IP, in addition to localhost loopback is active, the wireless one. For internal ping of the eth0 IP, localhost really, all times are 0. And the router can ping both IPs on the Thrive: response from wireless IP long times, ms response from wired IP quicker ms Would be cool if we could force the wired connection when needed without having to shut off the radio in the router.

I'm thinking of quicker streaming to TV. To Network and Thrive experts - any idea if this could be done? Hey hey HEY! I just I would chime in here. Been reading up on this thread hoping for success.

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I can now report success!!!!! I left the wifi on but forgot my home wifi. I was able to get online and the wifi icon never blinked a bit. I can now get online at work where there is no wifi!!!! Thank you guys for all your research and testing Yes, it seems they snuck this in on us.

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It was found by accident that the device would work. Until this find, most people had cut WiFi off and tried to get it to work with no luck. The original poster found it because he was somewhere that had no WiFi, so he never turned it off. You never know. Big thanks to you dalepl!

I appreciate all you do. Ad soon as Christmas bills are caughtnp, I'll be sending you a donation. Thanks again sent from Marsha Marsha Marsha. Thanks again sent from Marsha Marsha Marsha No, no, no. Dalepl is priority on your bills, really, don't delay. Thanks guys, but ttmoo is correct. All I did was clarify the driver part. The test and find was all done by him. I will never be priority over Christmas. Enjoy the device. Everyday, it just gets better. Just for my clarity: so my thrive has the usb to lan built in but ONLY if there is absolutely no wifi networks available, not just wifi networks that I can access, meaning my wifi router quits but my neighbors secure is up and I wouldn't be able to use the LAN because it sees a wifi connection that it could possibly log onto?

Sorry I just wanted to be clear before trying this or not being able to try this if that is the case. No, all you have to do is forget your WiFi network so the Thrive is not connected. It will see any WiFi that is in range, just do not be connected to one. Connect the adapter and hook a cable up and you should have a connection to the network via the cable.

Is this because disabling the wireless disables all of the networking interfaces? Can we manually control eth0's state once wireless is disabled? Does it still report eth0 as being up with the wireless on and off? I really wish I had one of these adapters now. Thars tinkerin to be dun! Yes, it is because the interface shuts down.

I think you could do it in terminal, but what is the point if it will work so easily? Besides the wasted battery?

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No real reason. Might make a patch for this anyways. It reports nothing. Also gets a new IP. Display is in both IPv4 and IPv6 language and even bit translation. Kinda cute. Can you see the state changes in dmesg? Thank you for clarification about the wifi signal, that was the piece I was missing. Kousch just came out with a tether app using any phone without having a tethering plan for the pc, eventually planning to use bluetooth for tablets, so I'm wondering if he has already done the hard part of setting it up on the phone then just how difficult it would be to hook the thrive to the cell phones; the pc is just a virtual vpn program so maybe this will work for us with some minor modification, only problem is my phone charges thru the micro usb which it would need for the connection and I'm doubting my thrive would charge my phone thru the usb, so battery life will virtually SUCK!!!

Hi folks, I am on 3. I am finding, if one model vs another, of these USB-RJ45 adapters is compatible with Thrive's eth0 driver, then it works with wifi on or off. No development is needed for a "flip sw". The wlan0 and eth0 drivers are independent, I believe. I don't quite understand yet why some folks are turning on wifi.

Perhaps it is 3. The researching of these connectors said there are basically only about three drivers for all of these: - a Pegasus usb 1. I am waiting on 13 more to arrive. Some don't work at all, 4 I am disassembling those, Carefully of course. They all come with driver CD's. One had an android installer, all had other Linux drivers, and Win and Mac drivers. Of those that worked Plug n Play 6 , they all work with Thrive's wifi off. Running both wlan0 and eth0 is just wasting battery on my thrive.

Here are the tests I already ran: 1a. Wifi on, forget all wifi networks, connect rj45 - I get an internet connection. Turn off wifi - still works. Turn wifi back off, I still have internet. Turn off wifi first, then connect rj45 - I get internet 2b. Turn on wifi all networks forgotten - still running on eth0 3a. Turn off wifi, power down, re-boot.

Connect rj45 after Thrive is fully booted, android has mounted extSD, and Thrive is in "idle" state - eth0 connects and I get internet. Pull USB without dismounting it first - I lose internet connection. Re-insert USB. Wifi off, power down. Turn on Thrive, eth0 works. But inside are all the same chips. Also I am trying eth0 through the dock's USB wifi off!! Yep, it works FINE.

I just tested my OOM root with a belkin adapter from radio shack and with wifi off. I can report success and I am surfing the net. This will definately help me out at work. Btw, I am also in Florida, outside Tampa. Bobj, So I followed up your work here just points 3 and 4 because I'd rather not forget any networks, as it's impractical for me. Router's radio is ON - a big difference from previous experiments. This is again on the borrowed Belkin device F4U Your Point 3 1. I don't recall whether in my earlier experiments I did it.

Likely not, because there was no radio on the router so it wasn't relevant. Your Point 4 1. Remove the cable. Check in the router that previous connection is now missing - it is, just my PC is there 3. Plug the RJ45 cable back in, still not seen by the router 3. Turn Thrive ON 4.

No connection on this gadget. Not in the devices list in the router 5. Pull the cable, replug back in 7. Confirmed on two routers. Thanks Bob :. I just un-check the wi-Fi box below it to turn off wifi, because I am thinking Airplane mode might just put to sleep both the wlan0 driver and the eth0 driver, so no one could communicate on either.

Maybe that is what folks are doing when they say they are turning off wi-fi, they are turning ON airplane mode. I would be interesting to research what airplane mode does more than wifi button, else why have both if they do the same thing on a wifi only tablet. Just an old cell phone appendix they didnt remove?

I didnt mean for folks to follow one of those steps in sequence, 'cause just turning off wifi and connecting the rj45, in any sequence, seems to work for me. Boy, this can get confusing with so many variables. Only wi-fi went out to the net so it seems to be priority. Once again I failed to do what I planned on today, work has me so preoccupied I kept meaning to swing by the radioshack next door to pick up the usb-ethernet belkin adapter and give it a whirl. This marks 4 days in a row that I've gone in and its either out of stock, or my work hours extend longer than radio shack stays open LOL!

I can testify that the belkin from radio shack works. I'm on it now with wifi turned off. I'm running Dales 3. If I missed it somewhere in this rather lengthy thread, I apologize, but how do the connection speeds compare between wi-fi and this wired connection? Hope this helps. The router's radio is on and Thrive functions normally. These are rough little tests, because the applications I use are fuzzy, they remember IP tables and so on. So the difficulty is to be sure what interface is being used at the moment.

The speed of what you get on the Thrive depends on all the rest, what's beyond the router. The speed between the Thrive and the first or second hop routers is not a major player, at least for me. I suppose I should clarify my question. What is the negotiated connection speed between the router and the Thrive? In other words, is the hardware Thrive capable of ethernet, fast ethernet, or gigabit? I hope I am asking using the proper terminology, no expert here for sure.

I don't understand that stuff either :. LOL Yes, your question above is very well worded, sgtwjack. Thrive's maximum internal LAN connection speeds. Communicating from Thrive to another device on your routers network. Using a G-speed router slows speed to 54mbps. Using WEP security slows speed to 54 mbps. Also, only the 2. Have not tested this yet. I am guessing faster. It is on my bucket list to do. All just impressions at this moment.

Seems faster to me, but I still need to measure it. I am compiling a spreadsheet for Thrivers, testing 25 different adapters. Which ones work plug-n-play with Thrive, which ones need drivers installed to possibly work. Works with wifi on or off. Actual speeds in testing with Thrive.

USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter 10/100Mbps Adapter for Android/Windows/Linux/Mac OS -

Chipset used in Driver, and chipsets that work p-n-p with Thrive. Other observations about each USB connector size, leds, etc. I should have a first posting of this spreadsheet not all completed sometime this week-end.

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Other observations about each usb connector size, leds, etc. Real data, not advertising hype. I know you are expending a great deal of effort and time here and it is much appreciated. I see a great deal of potential, depending upon actual results. Once I have whatever you come up with I intend to try out a few ideas and post whatever I can come up with. Who knows, even an amateur gets something useful accomplished, occasionally.

I have picked up the USB-Eth0 adapter from radio shack, thankfully Next step, force it to connect, type in dhcpcd usbeth0, and eth0 now have ip addresses assigned. Also programs that deal with networking seem to get confused like "Fing" with no wireless it just sit there and pouts about it.

Browser works just fine but much like the Android market if you attempt to download anything it will try to connect and fail, I can't tell if this is a symptom of the programs favoring the wifi connection or the way android deals with data? Maybe someone smarter than myself can elaborate. Service Station cannot detect network connection. Amazon app store will load the page breifly using the network connection but then seems to get hung up on the lack of wifi when it begins to download the app pictures to populate the page. Also I tried using the same steps to connect my Gigabit version of the usb-eth0 adapter but much like my previous attempts it will get an ip address and connect but it will not pass data or load pages.

I believe it has something to do with the Gigabit level architecture not agreeing with Android. Nice bit of work, Crazy49er' Just so I understand Also did you install drivers for either adapter? What did you use to capture the detailed log on image 3? Also typing "netcfg" into what? Thanks, bobj. Crazy49er, With the exception of Fing which is built only for wifi, and failed doing pings for me a while back anyway, your other issues surprise me.

I did run Fing, though, needed to refresh since it still showed old IPs, and it just went through 'detecting connectivity' and finished with a message that wireless network not available. I updated applications with no issues before, as well as 11 apps just yesterday using the Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi running but in Airplane on mode, meaning the Wi-Fi triangle grey, and OS Monitor showing clearly just the eth0 as being active, and IP was for the wired connection. Service station connected and reported no updates, which is as expected, but no error messages of any kind.

At the bottom of image is dead IP How can that connect? Are you using Terminal for all these displays? I finally learned how to get that blue display : dmesg and netcfg typed into Terminal Emulator. So here's mine just as I switched from wi-fi to wired I put in few signposts of interest to me. Thanks, bobj At this point the only drivers used are what 3. I still lack an Ethernet port going straight to the router, in this setup I'm bridging an ethernet port from the computer and connecting it to the wireless then passing that through a Cat5 Crossover Cable to the USB-Ethernet Adapter on the THRiVE, thats how I've always done it for connecting 2 PCs together, I figured the same principle holds true for Android but I might be mistaken.

Maybe that is the source of my trouble with connectivity? And I'm using Terminal Emu. Well I agree. I travel a lot in Japan and it's not uncommon to have LAN access provided in hotel rooms, but no wi fi. Are you listening Toshiba? Toshiba does not need to do anything. Well, now I am getting confused. Here is a reply from Belkin technical support stating categorically that their adapter will not work with Android devices.

Has anyone used this particular adapter?

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Here is Belkin's reply. Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support. Hi Ben, nice talking to you, You raise a good point. Of the adapters I tested, I think only a couple stated on their packaging "Works with Android". My guide is based upon what I tested and under the test conditions I stated. I am not suggesting anything more than that. It is obvious from Belkin's response to you that they do not officially support Android. More to the point, do you have the Belkin F5D, and is it not working on your Thrive? Do you want some help getting an adapter working? Thanks heaps for all of this work Bob.

No I haven't bought an adapter yet, but was trying to work out which one to buy. Will probably go for the other Belkin F4UO I'll reply on this thread and let folks know. I've tried turning off WiFi and also turning on aeroplane mode then pugging in the LAN cable, but no connection possible. Has anyone had success with this adapter? Wouild appreciate any feedback. If yes, can you compare the info to this post? Worked for me, per post 1. I also remember reading posts from a few others that had this adapter working.

There are two possibilities why your Belkin F4UO47 does not work for you. The reasons cited in post above. Please check out 2. Belkin changed Chips in the adapter. Perhaps you and ttmoo can compare results you get from post , I no longer have mine. What we may need is a manufacturer that will supply a "Made for Thrive" adapter, , and they wont change chips indiscriminately. Hmmm, BobjGear - our in-house accessories developer - are you listening? My Belkin F4U has no -suffix. Maybe who makes it plays a role.

Taiwan, Republic Of China 7-zip look into Belkin driver. We don't need the driver, but it matches Asix we've seen before. That's from Belkin site and they don't have a file for the model without a suffix so I suspect they're all the same. Click Myv6 tab and see how many interfaces show up and if usbeth0 interface comes up with all its gory details.

And did it get an IP v6 or v4 makes no difference. No, he's not. Very busy attending to the famous silicone cases :. Very busy attending to the famous silicone cases : I am too listening And only uses hardware that is P-n-P compatible with Android. Physical Device Object Name? Driver node strong name? Oh, ok. I can't remember where I saw the exact driver name.

I know there was a download for Linux, will try to find that again. In the meantime, I dusted off a screenshot I did in my Thrive - doubt you can read it, if not, holler, I'll redo. The little arrows were just signposts I was trying to understand : Sorry, but I don't know how to post a big picture, they always come out a thumbnails Edit: see post 45 in this thread - that was the Asix drivers for Linux that we don't need 72A is there. The little arrows were just signposts I was trying to understand : Sorry, but I don't know how to post a big picture, they always come out a thumbnails Edit: see post 45 in this thread - that was the Asix drivers for Linux that we don't need 72A is there no problem pic zooms when clicked on.

AXx2A Would love to know what blackadler's is? Thanks everyone. It now works fine despite info from Belkin stating specifically that it will not work with Android. I also found that I need to have the computer switched on and then plug the adapter in, otherwise it won't work. Ben Worked for me, per post 1. Delete this post if you no longer need it and if those two items aren't in there. I have tried this every way I can think of: In Airplane Mode. With WiFi turned off. With WiFi turned off, but with the network "forgotten" so it will not connect. I tried it after a fresh reboot Nothing works.

I can use the Belkin to connect to the internet with my laptop. Anyone who has any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to get this put together for my son who is stationed in Afghanistan, and whose laptop dies so he needs something to be able to communicate with people back home no wifi is allowed there Do you see asix driver like in my log at , well before plugging the adapter in? Do you see any evidence of Thrive in your router's device list, but not wi-fi, it should show adapter's MAC address, not Thrive's.

Not sure. Don't think so. When I use the USB dongle on my laptop, it lights up with a green light which stays on steady, and an orange light that blinks with transmission. I never get that when attached to the Thrive. Here's the thing though I noticed that jccampbe is running 3. Mine is 3. I think that is the issue. So far as I can tell, everyone else who is doing this and reporting success is on a rooted Thrive. So, my current theory is that I should either use Service Station and update to 3.

What do you think about that as a hypothesis No lights indicates maybe the cable is broken. The asix driver is in your system. So it should work, unless, as you suggest, some patch changed things. Only dalepl can tell us. For starters, take a look at the user manual of the router. I just downloaded it.

You can enter the adapter's MAC manually if it's not in the list. And save settings. Don't change ROMs yet. Try it. Then post the exact steps you did to try to connect. Also download "IPv6 and More", click MyIPv6 and report what interfaces you see and how many lines are listed under each interface. Should be 13 if it's active. No, I'm sure the cable is fine because it works in my laptop.

I simply unplug it and put it in the Thrive. And if I put it back in the laptop, it lights up and works I will download the other app you suggest and see what it tells me Did that. Entered the adapter's MAC address. It works for the laptop with the assigned address. No dice. It also doesn't work. I am just about completely convinced that this is a driver issue on the Thrive side. It either needs to be updated via Rooting, or by updating to Android 2. It's the only thing that makes sense to me Oh, boy!

Sorry to hear this. Let's hope dalepl or Bobj navigate here in their busy lives. I was betting my money on you still having wireless connection which takes priority.

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Or some blocks in the router. But what IPv6 says is no other interfaces exist, other than the localhost. Do you not see wlan0 with just 4 detail lines in addition to the lo interface? You maybe right on the android version. Because if you don't have wlan0 showing then the engine probably isn't running, so the eth0 interface will not show up as active. But I can't be sure of that. A thought. Turn off your laptop. Perhaps it's a duplicate Ip issue in the router's cache. Or power off and on the router. The HC 3. That is probably the issue.

rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac Rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac
rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac Rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac
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rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac Rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac
rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac Rocketfish usb 2.0 to ethernet adapter driver mac

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